About us

The company Trajko-vet has been operating since 2012, as a Veterinary Clinic, with the aim of providing services to agricultural producers of farm animals. Today, the Veterinary Clinic Trajko-vet provides its services to cattle breeders in the municipalities of Čačak, Knić, Gornji Milanovac and Kraljevo. Our commitment to team and professional work brings us constant growth that allows us to best see the needs of producers and offer them services at the highest level, so that farmers have support on their way to more profitable production.

Following modern nutrition trends, breeding conditions, genetics and reproduction, we also offer our clients advice in terms of meal preparation and nutrition system, construction of facilities, setting selection goals, and all in order to make livestock production more profitable.

In 2021, the company Trajko-vet established the Station for collecting, obtaining and transplanting embryos and thus opened a new page in its business. We were the first in the Republic of Serbia to offer embryo transfer technologies and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization - In Vitro Fertilization). These technologies are a powerful tool in the hands of cattle breeders to skip years of painstaking selection in their herd, and get a significantly larger number of offspring from genetically superior mothers.