Veterinary services

All veterinary services of the Trajko-vet company are performed by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine with years of working experience at domestic farms and working at foreign farms.

Problems of reproduction and nutrition are the focus of our work. From our employees, you will not only receive the service of treating your animals, but also advice regarding the nutrition and breeding conditions of your animals. 

From the services you can get from our employees, we single out:

- Artificial insemination of cows (each cow will be examined for reproductive organs before insemination),

-Compilation of insemination plans,

- Artificial insemination of pigs,

- Artificial insemination of sheep - laparoscopic method (in cooperation with the Center for Reproduction Ram Gen from Futog -,

- Hormonal protocols in reproduction, with an individual approach to each cow,

- All types of treatment of farm animals, development and interpretation of metabolic profile,

- Vaccinations and development of vaccination plans,

- Ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy in cows (from the 30th day after insemination), pigs (from the 23rd day after fertilization), sheep and goats (from the 30th day after fertilization),

- Cesarean section operations, dislocations of abomasum (by abdominal wall opening and suturing method), ruminotomy, various types of hernias,

- Advice on nutrition of different categories, as well as nutrition at different stages of lactation,

- Advice regarding the cultivation of all crops for bulk and concentrated animal nutrition,

- Tips on the preparation of whole plant silage and grain silage, haylage, concentrated portion of meals as well as TMR (Total Mix Ration) meals for all categories of animals, both farms of two and farms of several thousand cows .

For all your questions feel free to contact us.